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.rime michael mckee looking at these dwindling set of options. >> you with ink russian defense economy on exports quite economy. 27% of gdp its exports. and also a big eel for the eu. the biggest trading partners on both sides. the list that who russia exports and imports from, the eu. it is at the top, way ahead of anyone else. anything they do to russia, the russians can do to them. that is why you see relook ends to really commit to something like this. the united states plays almost no role, no trade or russian relations that matter. the other issue, that exports of gas. they now have a northern pipeline. they can go around if they cut that off. the europeans do not want to lose them. a longer-term issue because they have a mild winter they have very mild stocks. if this were to go on for a long time, it would be a problem for europe and russia. >> we solve the benchmark index go down. to what degree did those developments exact a price on russia? >> they are exacting a price. this hurts the banks. they could be in big trouble. the russian central bank raised interest rates seven p
-action lawyer, the defense counsel, the companies and the plaintiffs, how big a deal is this? >> it's really big. a lot of money at stake here. it could be a game changer. what is interesting about the case is there are two key prince pulls intention here. one is the supreme court institutional interest in respecting precedent. the shoe on the rocket -- on the market -- >> take a moment to explain the of >> the fraud on the market hearing. it's a theory that says in an efficient market like the newark stock exchange, the information that is publicly about bliss filtered and reflected in the price. issuesay that companies its quarterly earnings release and they say they have made one dollar a share in profit. if i buy that share and i later find out they lied, i have to show that i actually heard them say that. the fraud on the market theory says i don't have to show i heard it. -- the market heard it. when i bought the stock, and that statement up one dollar a share had been baked and the price. that is critical to the securities class-action device because it relieves the individual investors o
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2